Layout Editor

Object & Display Tools

Tools to add objects or change the display

To open the Layout Editor -

  • Slot Car Manager  ButtonClick on the Layout Editor button in the Left-bar or on the Home Page
  • Views Menu Edit Track LayoutOr choose "Edit a track layout " from the Views list in the Header Menu
  • Or press F9 on your keyboard F9

View/Hide toolbars

To display toolbars

Toolbar View/HideUse the View > Toolbars menu to hide or display the following toolbars.

Zoom toolbar


Zoom and arrange your layout view

Zoom in Zoom in

Zoom out Zoom out

Fit to screen Fit track layout to screen

Zoom selection Zoom to user defined area

Centre Centre track layout

Room toolbar


Add room shapes

Rectangular room Create a rectangular room

L shaped room Create an L shaped room

C shaped room Create a C shaped room

T shaped room Create a T shaped room

Centre Create an 8 shaped room

Autoshapes toolbar


Draw shapes and add text and pictures

Line Draw a line

Rectangle Draw a rectangle

Rounded rectangle Draw a rounded rectangle

Ellipse Draw an ellipse or circle

Text Insert a text box

Polygon Draw a polygon

Curve Draw a curve

Picture Insert a picture

Display toolbar


Change the display

Snap to grid Snap to minor grid

2d/3d toggle Switch between 2d & 3d views

track layer Show/hide track layer

objects layer Show/hide objects layer

Wire render Displays track as a wireframe

Polygon Displays track as a realistic render

Curve Displays colour coded track

Picture Insert a picture

Drawing toolbar


Order and align track and objects in 2d view

Align Align track and objects

Move to front Move to front

Move to back Move to back

Move forwards Move forwards

Move backwards Move backwards

3D Camera toolbar


Move the viewpoint in 3D view

2d 3d toggle Switch between 2d & 3d views

Centre 3d scene Centre 3d scene

Scroll left Scroll left

Scroll right Scroll right

Scroll up Scroll up

Scroll down Scroll down

Yaw left Yaw left

Yaw right Yaw right

Pitch up Pitch up

Pitch down Pitch down

Scenery toolbar

Add 2d & 3d scenery and accessories

Click on any model to add it to your layout, or drag and drop

Scenery toolbar

The first two tabs, Accessories and Building contain images for use in the 2d or plan view.

The other tabs contain three dimensional models which work in 2d or 3d view.

Right click on an object to modify it's object properties, ie it's size and scalability

3d examples

Scalextric Bridge Carrera Pit GarageTreeSlot Track Scenics pit wall

More 3d models are available in the Ultimate Racer upgrade pack