Layout Editor

Track Function Tools

Tools to add, delete, move, or modify track pieces .

To open the Layout Editor -

  • Slot Car Manager  ButtonClick on the Layout Editor button in the Left-bar or on the Home Page
  • Views Menu Edit Track LayoutOr choose "Edit a track layout " from the Views list in the Header Menu
  • Or press F9 on your keyboard F9

Library toolbar

Adding track pieces to your layout

Library toolbar

Use the library toolbar to add track sections to your design.

Click on any track piece, or drag and drop to add it to your layout.

Hover over any track section to show where the section will be added, before clicking to add the section.

Add track Section

Click on the brand logo under the Frequently used tab to choose a different track brand or type.

Use the tools below to modify and edit your layout

Track Operations Toolbar

Track operations toolbar

Modifying and editing your track layout.

Hover over symbols for animated examples

Reverse Reverse track directionReverse track direction Reverse track direction - changes the track direction and therefore the direction in which new track is added

Flip Flip  track sectionFlip track section Flip track section - flips a selected track piece around, attached pieces move accordingly

Replace Replace track sectionReplace track section Replace track section - replaces a selected track piece with your choice from the Library toolbar

Delete Delete trackDelete track section Delete track - deletes the selected track piece or pieces, attached pieces move up accordingly

Move Move trackMove track section Move track section - moves the selected track piece along in the set direction of the layout

Gap Suppressor Gap SuppressorGap Suppressor Gap Suppressor - allows a track layout with a small gap at the end, to join together

 Mirror track  Mirror trackMirror track Mirror track - makes a mirror image of the layout

Attach toggle  Show/hide track attachesShow/hide track attaches Show/hide track attaches - displays or hides where each track rail is attached to the next

Raise  Raise trackRaise Raise - raises track level, use with "show track elevations" enabled

Lower  lower trackLower Lower - lowers track level, use with "show track elevations" enabled

Left Border  Add left borderLeft border Left border - adds a border on the left of selected track

Right Border Add right borderRight border Right border - adds a border to the right of selected track

Border delete Delete bordersDelete borders Delete borders - deletes all borders of selected track

Track Stock Track stocksShow track stock Track section stocks - shows number of track sections used in your layout and how many remaining

Snapshot Snapshot - copies your layout to the clipboard

Show direction Show track directionShow track direction Show track direction

Show elevation Show track elevationsShow track elevations Show track elevations

Standard Toolbar

New Layout

Basic tools

New Creates a new layout

Open Opens an existing layout

Save Saves the active layout

Print Prints the current view

Cut Cuts the selection and copies to the clipboard

Copy Copies the selection to the clipboard

Paste Pastes the clipboard contents into the layout

Cursor Tool Cursor tool for selection and for moving single track pieces

Move Tool Move tool for moving all attached track pieces as a group

Undo Undo

Redo Redo