Ultimate Racer

Manage Drivers

Driver Manager

Use the Driver manager screen to create, delete and modify drivers.

To open the Driver Manager screen -

  • Manage Drivers ButtonClick on the Manage Drivers button in the Left-bar or on the Home Page
  • Views Menu Manage driversOr choose "Manage drivers " from the Views list in the Header Menu
  • Or press F4 on your keyboard F4


Driver manager

Driver list

Driver list

The left pane displays all driver of the database. They can be sorted by clicking in the table column headers.

They can also be filtered by selecting a cell, and clicking on the Filter button.

The right pane side contains the selected driver information.

To select a driver, click on his name in the driver list table near the driver information.

Click on button “Add” or “Delete” to create a new driver or delete current selected driver.

"Duplicate" creates a new driver with the same attributes as the one currently selected.

Caution: when a driver is deleted, all his laps are definitively removed from database as well.

Driver details

Driver details

Fill here all selected driver details

  • Nickname: that’s the most important information to find a driver. UR30 uses this information to reference a driver.
  • Name (Surname)
  • First name
  • Miscellaneous notes on this driver like beer and chips consumpation per racing session
  • Racing club
  • Racing team
  • Personal information: e-mail address, address, phone number… The e-mail address can be used by UR30 to send invitations or race results memos.
  • Picture: click on the “…” button below the picture box to open the picture selection dialogue.

Race statistics

This table displays the driver statistics for each car he raced with on current circuit.

Driver race statistics

Click once on a column title to sort all statistics according to the column parameter.

"Show Race" displays the race history the selected statistic belongs to.

"Show car" displays the slot car the selected statictic was done with.