Ultimate Racer

Quick Heat

Quick Heat

The Quick Heat page is where you can start racing.

Prerequisite: this description assumes the circuit has been correctly setup. It assumes also all hardware and electronics are connected to the computer, and the sensor devices are ready for use.

Quick Start

To open the Quick Heat screen -

  • Quick Heat ButtonClick on the Quick Heat button in the Left-bar or on the Home Page
  • Views Menu Quick HeatOr choose "Run a heat " from the Views list in the Header Menu
  • Or press F3 on your keyboard F3


Race Pane

click on "Heat Settings " tab to setup the heat parameters. Heat Settings

Heat Settings

Select "Practice setting" in the "Heat Settings" combo box to run a practice mode heat. The "Heat Settings "are also used to setup more advanced heat parameters when required.

Click back on the "Quick Heat Setup" tab Quick Heat Setup tab

Add a driver and a slot car for each lane by using the slotcar and driver combo boxes. The ID combo boxes are used for digital heats, as configured in the "Hardware" view.

Drivers and slot cars must have been created before in the corresponding views.

You can now start the race countdown using the Start button at the top of the screen. Different race information panes may have different buttons, but each will have a Start button (click once to start, click again to cancel) and a Pause (track call) button (click once to pause, click again to resume).