Ultimate Racer



Ultimate Racer is built up of the following sections, each with their own screen and associated functions.

  • Home - to access all other sections
  • Start Heat - to start racing
  • Quick Heat - to set up a heat
  • Driver Manager - to set up drivers
  • Slot Car Manager - to manage your slot car collection
  • Hardware Settings - to set up your circuit hardware
  • Race Event - to set up more complex race events or tournaments
  • Heat Stats - to view race statistics
  • Layout Editor - to design your track layout


There are four ways to navigate between sections.

The Home Page

You can access all the main functions directly from the Home Page


The Leftbar

HomeStart HeatDriversSlot CarsHardwareStatisticsLayout EditorOn the left of the screen are various buttons which will allow you to navigate to any section no matter where you are.

The Views Menu

Views MenuAt the top left of the screen you will find the Views menu where you can access all sections.

Function Keys

You can also use the F1 to F10 keys on your keyboard to access all sectionsF10 F9 F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F3 F2 F1


  • F1 - Help
  • F2 - Home
  • F3 - Quick Heat
  • F4 - Manage Drivers
  • F5 - Slot cars
  • F6 - Hardware Settings
  • F7 - Race Event
  • F8 - Heat Statistics
  • F9 - Layout Editor
  • F10 - Start Heat


Many of Ultimate Racer's basic functions should be fairly self evident and intuitive to use, so playing with the software is a good way to learn.

However, UR does much, much more than just the basics, in fact it is a very powerful and comprehensive tool. So, when you've had a play with the software, this Help section is here to guide you through the things which might not be immediately obvious and help you to get the most from your software.


Pre-requisites to Getting Started

The Layout Editor is ready to go right out of the box. So you can start designing your track layouts without any further ado.

The Race Manager however, requires both slot car detection hardware and some initial setting up. Please read the Race Hardware and Set Up section carefully.