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A comprehensive guide to using Ultimate Racer


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Most of the conventions used in these Help files should be quite familiar and intuitive, but just as a reminder...

On Screen Names

Names in bold text (not including headings and titles) will usually refer to text that you will see on screen in your software. So a sentence like this...

Use the View menu to choose the toolbars you want to use

...means you can expect to see the word View on screen


Dropdown Menu Items

Navigation of dropdown menus is usually signified as below...

File > Save

...which means click on File to show the dropdown menu, then click on Save



Almost all of the images used are screenshots of the actual software in use.



Ultimate Racer is under constant development. So, depending on the version of the software you're using, and the Operating system on your computer, you may find that the images and text here, are not exactly what you see.

However, the basic principles outlined should still be valid for all versions.



Please note....

Versions of Ultimate Racer prior to 3.0.29r2 do not have the capability to use the Layout Archive

Versions of Ultimate Racer prior to 3.0.31b2 do not have the capability to use track and object elevations

You can check which version of the Software you have by going to Help > About