Layout Editor

Editing Track Shapes & Sizes

The track section shapes and sizes are described using a specific syntax in the track palette editor Shape field, and similarly in the text file.

Library editor

The general shape description is either

  • A track section function followed by a set of attributes (as shown above)
  • An array of point coordinates in library units separated by commas



The track shape coordinate system is defined from left to right (X axis) and from top to bottom (Y axis). Shape coordinates are always given in library units.

Coordinate system

Track Shape Parameters

Standard straight

Straight track

Syntax :- track section width, track section length in library units.


15.5;35 with a library units in cm defines a 15.5 x 35 cm rectangle track section


Standard curve

Curved track

Syntax :- Curve, inner radius in lib unit, track section width in lib unit, track section angle in degrees


curve, 37.3, 15.5, 22.5

defines a 22.5° curve track with a lib unit in cm section. Its width is 15.5 cm and its inner radius is 37.3 cm.



Squiggle track

Syntax :- squiggle:- track width, track length, track height, squiggle strength

The track length is the left to right length of the track in lib units.

The track height is the distance from a side track bottom to the same track top. This value can be either positive or negative.

The squiggle strength controls how tied is the squiggle. Higher is value, more tied it is.





Junction Track

Syntax :- cross, track width, track length, X offset, Y offset

X offset and Y offset defines the red circled point on the left example.


. cross,15.5,35,3.3,3.3


Free shape

Free shape track

Syntax :- array of points in shape coordinate system

A free shape is an array of point in library units


(0, 0)(35, 0)(35, 15.5)(24.1, 26.4)(4.0, 15.5)(0, 15.5)

This example uses parenthesis to separate points to make the shape definition more readable.



Hairpin track

Syntax :- hairpin, hairpin width, hairpin length

The hairpin length corresponds to the horizontal side length of the hairpin. The circle part of the hairpin has a radius therefore a length equal to half on the hairpin width.


hairpin, 31, 35.0