Layout Editor

Quick Start

Build your track

Use the Layout Editor to design your slot track layouts.

To open the Layout Editor -

  • Slot Car Manager  ButtonClick on the Layout Editor button in the Left-bar or on the Home Page
  • Views Menu Edit Track LayoutOr choose "Edit a track layout " from the Views list in the Header Menu
  • Or press F9 on your keyboard F9

Start a new layout

New Layout

Select "New" from the File Menu to start designing a new track layout, or press Ctrl+N on your keyboard.

Choose your track brand

Select Track Library

Select the track system you wish to use from selection panel.

Add track pieces

Add track pieces

Use the Library toolbar to add track sections to your design.

Click on any track piece, or drag and drop to add it to your layout.

Hover over any track section to show where the section will be added, before clicking to add the section.

Add track Section

Click on the brand logo under the Frequently used tab to choose a different track brand or type.

Choose Toolbars

Use the View menu to choose the toolbars you want to use.

View menu